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6571 "Hippy Dippy Trippy"Bass

6571 “Hippy Dippy Trippy” series Inspired by the Hippy’s of the 1960’s who many in their heyday removed the paint from their instruments as a part of their counter culture movement and to simply “get down” with a more earthy natural wood look and feel. The 6571 series is a no option ready to plug in and go line of instruments built here in our U.S. California shop featuring: alder body, rosewood fingerboard maple neck, our home grown pickups (the basses in this series are passive) and sport our laser etched Alleva-Coppolo headstock logo accompanied by no other than the symbol that defined an era – the Peace sign and of course the 6571 model number. Just like those old instruments that were modified way back then by that post Beatnik bunch, to recreate that groovy worn in look and feel each 6571 is hand rubbed with a water based finish. An exclusive for our on line store and (right now) available to our to US consumers only. Celebrate this important subcultur that influenced some of the better things of today’s life. $2500.00 including gig bag (shipping not included, California residents please add 8.75% sales tax).


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